On June 1st AIS will host its 2nd Annual International Fair at school. We will have various foods and information from countries around the world, as well as a live student performance. Our first performances and country presentations were exceptional and we are looking to replicate and improve on last year. Each grade has a specific country or region they will cover (listed below) and parents are encouraged to get involved with their student class presentation and food preparation. If you would like a table to prepare and represent a country not listed below please coordinate with the office and a table will be provided.

PRESCHOOL: 7 Continents Table                                                      PARENT TABLES (So Far):
KINDERGARTEN: Romania                                                                Egypt
FIRST: Lithuania                                                                                  Albania
SECOND: Russia
THIRD: Pakistan
FOURTH: France
SIXTH: South Africa
EIGHTH: United States

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at this year’s celebrations.

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