David Feeney

Science Teacher

Mr. Feeney has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in the double majors of Natural Sciences and Physical Education, a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language, and qualifications for an Associate Degree in Business Administration. He is English/Spanish bilingual, speaks German, and is now preparing to learn, at least, survival Albanian. He has taught school in the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Vietnam, and Germany.

A former ice-hockey player, national invitee and Olympic prospect in track and field, David is also an undefeated track and field coach, hockey coach, professional level trumpet player/instructor, voice (singing) instructor, writer (two books presently on Amazon), and advanced writing tutor. He has taught the IB, IGCSE, AP, SPED, and SPED bilingual, and is directly responsible for students obtaining college scholarships in academics and track and field.

Mr. Feeney’s passion is humanitarian and humane work. In Latin America he spent his off hours working with abused children, the elderly, orphans, poor children with leukemia, the homeless, children from disintegrated families, and the people who live in the Guatemala City garbage dump. In Vietnam he volunteered at an orphanage. He has also rescued ten dogs and found them homes. Having received many awards and commendations during his career, he jokingly says, “They keep giving me watches!”

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