On Friday, June 9th AIS Students and staff collaborated with the “Fundjave Ndryshe” charity to help families in need. For the past month students, parents, and staff gathered food, clothing, and other school materials to donate to this worthwhile cause. AIS donations directly helped two (2) families in need and living in extreme poverty. One of the families had seven (7) children and the father, despite his best efforts, could only find intermittent daily work. You could see the happiness in the eyes of the family when they saw the much-needed donations from our students and parents. The second family was also very appreciative also as they had a child with disabilities and finding adequate work was difficult for this family also. Our students were moved by the experience and it was good for them to be exposed to the harsh realities some people live with every day. We look forward to working with Fundjave Ndryshe again in the future.

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