Our students first field trip this year was a success! After a long bus ride to Sirande the students were happy to visit the Sarande Castle where they explored and ate dinner with a breathtaking view of the sea. Following our meal, the students explored the seaside of Sarande, walked the beachfront, and even played a little on the beach before heading to Butrin for the night.

     The following day was busy as after breakfast the students spent several hours exploring and learning about Butrin Castle, which is Albania’s most visited tourist destination and an UNESCO World Heritage site. They wandered the ruins of the amphitheater and the Lion’s gate while learning a bit about the previous Greek, Roman, evangelical, and Ottoman rule of the area. Following that we stopped briefly at the amazing Blue Eye of Albania which truly is one of Albania’s hidden gems.  

       Finally, the students had lunch in Gjirokastër just below the castle and overlooking the city before returning to Tirana. It was a great trip and AIS appreciates your support in introducing some of Albania’s historical sites and natural wonders to the students.


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