globe clip artSocial Studies: Our social studies program assists each student in understanding the historical and geographic influences that have shaped and continue to shape the human experience. With a focus on connections between events and geographical influences on society and culture, our students begin to understand the inherent complexities of today’s world.

French FlagFrench: French is taught from Grade 1 to Grade 9. Classes are structured using the four main language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and are applied in practice through songs, texts, audio, images, games, and group activities.

Musical Note clip artMusic: Students study traditional Albanian music as well as selected music from other cultures. Students also practice and develop their basic instrumental and vocal skills.


paint paletteArt: Students explore and experiment with a variety of mediums while studying major artistic periods and artists.


Soccer BallPhysical Education: Students will learn and practice a full range of physical skills through a variety of activities.


Computer clip artInformation Technology: This course is intended to prepare students for further work in computer science or related fields and to build basic competencies in computer operations. The content will include computer components and operation, basic Microsoft Office competency, and internet safety.

Albanian: These classes are compulsory for native Albanian students and optional for all other students. They develop students’ proficiency of the Albanian language in the key areas of speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

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