Ariana Alimi

Second Grade Teacher

My name is Ariana Alimi; I am very excited to be your child’s second grade teacher. The academic year 2018- 2019 will be my second year teaching at AIS, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year ahead since primary grades are the foundation for all the grades to come and it’s a pleasure to have such an inspiring role into shaping the future of our children.

I grew up in New Jersey, USA. I always wanted to travel the world and experience different cultures, ethnicities and learn new languages. Having diversity in your surroundings is an advantage, learning a new language it’s a challenge at first but studies have proven it has cognitive benefits which will help one thru adult life.

I graduated from Bergen Community College with an AS.PS.BUS.ADM ASSOC. IN SCIENCE, PROF. STUDIES, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, and hence have continued my education at Pace University, New York in International Business MBA.

I have experience in teaching English as a Second Language at a private school in Tirana, also at Language Schools in Albania I hold the position as the National Project Manager in charge of building a new partnership and developing current ones into new levels, furthermore helping vulnerable communities in the region.

I have worked at the Center for American and Albanian Studies at Kristal University, a think tank with notable results in searching, exploring and finding out new facts of our historic relations between the two nations.

“Learning is the foundation of success”, and that’s what our Students in AIS need to understand that the hard work and dedication will pay off and they will have a bright future ahead.

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