Barbara Meinel Preschool

Barbara Meinel


Hi, I’m Barbara Meinel Jacobs and I am very happy to be teaching the Preschool group here at AIS. I studied The Montessori Method, Casa dei Bambini while living in northern Italy for 3 years. Then my little family moved to Argentina to assist in setting up a Montessori based school for over 100 pupils near Buenos Aires. During my five years at the school I taught the 3rd grade bi-lingual class and later took on the Preschool group.

Since 2000 I have been working as the co/founder and director of Family Educational Consultant Group and children’s book author while working in Brazil, Thailand, and Mexico. I later finished my Early Years & Primary education at Christian Vocational College in Brazil.

In 2002-2008 I was involved fulltime with scientific research at The Meinel Group. I was working in astronomy, optics, telescopes with my father, Dr Aden B. Meinel. I’ve given lectures about our discoveries and telescope work at universities and symposiums for European Space agency, International Astronomer’s Union, and AAAS while traveling to universities in China, England, and the USA.

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