AIS Upcoming Events


 “Anti-Bullying Week-November 13th”

We’re proud to participate in the Anti-Bullying Week, aiming to combat bullying and promote kindness and inclusion.







 “Dance for Kindness”

The 2023 Dance for Kindness is a global event dedicated to inspiring people from all backgrounds to lead lives filled with kindness and unity.







 “Halloween at AIS-October 27th”

 Don’t miss out on the screams and laughter. See you there if you dare! 🕷️🕸️🕯️🎃







 “AIS 11th Anniversary”

Celebrate with us on October 20th our 11th Anniversary! 







 “European Language Day”

Celebrate the European Day of Languages with us, September 29th







 “First Day of School, September 6th”

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, September 6th







 “Open House, August 30th”

Discover the world of opportunities that await your child at our upcoming Open House event!







 “International Day June 23rd”

International Day Show will occur on Friday at 17:00-19:00 here at Albanian International School. Our students have chosen different countries to represent with food, culture, dance, music and a great show !








The AIS 9th graders will have their graduation ceremony on June 16th, 2023 at the AIS sports’ field where there will be speeches held, diplomas distributed and many other surprises!








A special event in the lives of all first-grade children. By learning letter by letter, number by number, they managed to write and read, enter the great universe of knowledge.







PARIS TRIP [ 12-15 may]

AIS uper grade students will visit France’s capital and a major European city and a global center!







 SPELLING BEE [ 23,24 may]

Invitation to spelling bee at GDQ: competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.







 Spirit Week [ 27-31 March]

A creative way for students to show more school spirit..






 “Ancient Rome” themed show

    A show performed by AIS Students coming soon…




                 AIS International Schools Spelling Bee 

On May 27th, AIS organized the 1st International Schools Spelling Bee competition for grades 1-9! We want to thank all of the international school for participating and it was great getting to know you all…..🐝🏆See you in other editions..





                                               Le Printemps Français!

We want to invite all of you to our French Show “Le Printemps Français” on Friday, March 20th @Godina Liria, at 2pm.
There will be songs, dances and many student performances. Feel free to invite your friends.



AIS Christmas Show 2019

AIS will organise the Christmas show for Pre-K to Grade 9, on Friday, December 20th at 2pm-4pm @ Godina Liria, near the Student City, where our students will perform different songs and dances. You are all welcome to join the show.



AIS Halloween Show 2019

AIS will celebrate Halloween with a Halloween Fun Night on October 31st at 5.00 PM.  Various classrooms will have different games and activities for the students depending on their grade level. Students and staff can also dress up that day during lessons if they choose and we will award prizes for Best Costume and Most Original Costume. Join us for an evening of fun, activities, and CANDY!!!!



Razem Field Trip

We will have a field trip on Friday October 18thto Saturday October 19th where we will send grades 4-9 to Razem. The students will spend time in the park, there’s an indoor swimming pool, sauna as well as bicycle riding in the nature. The students will need to have snacks with them on the bus, bathing suit, towels and extra clothes/sneakers. There will be no school on Friday for grades 4-9. Enjoy the long weekend!


Borsh Field Trip

Friday June 14th through Sunday, June 16th we will send our students from grades 3-8 to Borsh. On the way to Borsh we will visit the Porto Palermo and Borsh castle. We will depart early in the morning and we will be back Sunday afternoon, so it will be a 2 night and 3 day trip. Accommodation will be provided by Mishel’s parents, our 3rd grade student. We want to give them a big thank you for making this possible and for kindly offering us accommodation. 

Spring Map Evaluation

June 3rd will begin the AIS Spring NWEA MAP evaluation, the final one for the school year. Please make sure your students are rested, fed, and on-time during the week. Student will only be assigned light homework during the MAP week.

AIS Spirit Week

May 27th – Thursday 30th

 Monday May 27th – Thursday 30th we will have the “Spirit Week” where students from Pre-K to grade 9 dress up(see below):

May 27th — Pajama Day.
May 28th — Disney/Superhero/Villain Day.
May 29th — Crazy Hair Day.
May 30th — Career Day.
May 31st — International Day. 

We encourage students and staff to all dress up during this week
Thank you!

AIS 2019 International Day

May 31, 2019

This year each grade will be responsible for preparing a table about their class’ selected country. We want the tables to be interesting and recommend cultural or historical facts that will interest the students and guests. 
Past fairs have had the students and parents create meals and snacks from their selected countries, demonstrate local games, and dress in traditional garb. We do encourage all students to wear some sort of traditional garb and teachers are free to do the same for the fair. There will be traditional songs and dances on the day of the show. 
Please begin to discuss and plan for your table presentations as the date (31 May) is fast approaching. Thank you for your participation.

AIS 2019 Spring Cookout & Musical

April 18, 2019

Long ago, in the faraway land of ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. Not many people today believe in the gods of Ancient Greece. However, their stories are still around, and they live on in all of our memories. Our students will perform a musical show to let us know the stories that make up the body of Greek mythology and what remains of their culture’s deeply held beliefs. The stories of Zeus and his family of gods atop Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in the world. From there they looked down upon the world of humans and took interest in the lives of ordinary people. The gods did more than just watch — sometimes, they acted. When a ruler did not pay them homage, you could bet a god would show up and teach him a lesson. When an enterprising hero started out on a righteous quest, a god would be there, too. An awareness and acceptance of the gods was part of daily life for the Greeks. So come and discover this golden age with us here at Albanian International School

AIS  Cookout

 The students and staff will be served American hamburgers and cheeseburgers and Albanian style hot dogs fresh off the grill. 

AIS 2018 Halloween Fun Night

October 31st Ais will celebrate Halloween with a Halloween Fun Night on October 31st. Wednesday October 31st will be a shortened day of school ending at 2:00 PM. Please pick up your students at 2:00 PM and those wishing to enjoy the Halloween festivities will return to school at 5:30 to begin the fun. Various classrooms will have different games and activities for the students depending on their grade level. Students and staff can also dress up that day during lessons if they choose and we will award prizes for Best Costume and Most Original Costume. Join us for an evening of fun, activities, and CANDY!!!!

AIS 2018 English Summer Camp

June 18th – 29th The AIS 2018 English Summer Camp’s learning, activities, and games will all focus on a particular theme each week culminating with a weekly field trip every Friday. In addition to the themed activities we have native English speaking teachers, who will give the students morning and afternoon Conversational English classes to supplement their learning through our themed activities and games. Our goal is to help develop the participants’ English speaking skills while making learning fun through games, activities, and weekly field trips.

Fantasy Dress-Up Day

Wednesday May 9th 2018 is Fantasy Day at AIS! Students and staff are encouraged to dress up as their favorite fantasy character. Princesses, super-heroes, and zombies are all welcome!

Trip to Cinema

Thursday May 10th is the trip to the TEG mall to watch Avengers Infinity War. Transportation will be provided by AIS to and from TEG for those who elect to ride with the school. Tickets are 800 leke and students will need to bring their own snack money. Ms. Arta has reserved spots for the school staff and students (grades 5-9) so please bring her your permission slips and 800 leke before Tuesday May 8th to confirm your reservation.

Bowling Alley Field Trip

Friday May 11th is the Bowling Alley field trip for the winners of the Grades 5-9 Spelling Bee. Congratulations on your spelling victory and have a well deserved good time!

Dhermi Staff Appreciation Trip

Saturday May 19th to Sunday May 20th is the Staff Appreciation Trip to the beautiful seaside resort town of Dhermi, Albania. Considered one of the best sites in all of Albania, we think our teachers deserve a relaxing week end away after all their hard work this year.

Grades 1-4 Spelling Bee

25 May 2018 AIS will have the Grades 1-4 Spelling Bee. Our little ones are studying hard and we wish them the best. Each class will have two winners who will compete individually with the winners of the other classes until we have a final Elementary Spelling Bee Champ!

Eco Fashion Show 2018

26 May 20018 AIS students will once again participate in the Eco Fashion Show held here in Tirane. Come participate or just watch our students display their homemade recycled dresses they created under the direction of Ms. Ida. More information can be found here.

AIS Third Annual International Fair

June 1st 2018 will be the AIS Third Annual International Fair. Each class is assigned a different country and grade to prepare presentations and national delicacies from and we encourage all parental involvement with their student’s class. We encourage students and parents to wear traditional dress from their home or class countries if desired.

The Foodbank of Albania ( will be accepting food donations and make a short presentation to start the event. Please, donate non-perishable food in order to help those less fortunate. Donations may be dropped off at the AIS office anytime between now and June 1st. More information on the Foodbank of Albania can be found here.

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